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Laser Marking Systems Lasers are now being used to make high-performance surface-acoustic wave (SAW) devices. These lasers raise throughput and lower cost of ownership in comparison to older solid-state laser technology.
Camera Base Machine Vision System Our organization engaged in providing an exclusive range of Camera Base Machine Vision System across the country. These controllers are engineering marvel and procured after an extensive quality check by our in-house team of experts.
Multi Gauge Solution Multi-gauging systems are used to measure a number of dimensions simultaneously. The feature gauged could be external/internal diameters, lengths, straightness, squareness ovality, run-out of faces, etc.
Dot Pin Marking Machine Pin Marking, also referred to as Stylus and Dot Peen marking, is a Pneumatic OR electro-mechanically controlled carbide or diamond tip assembly that strikes the surface of a part in a succession of dots to create a permanent mark.
Robotic and Automation As more manufacturing facilities and distribution centers discover the benefits of robotic material handling solutions for Machining, Dimensional Multi gauging System, Non-destructive eddy current testing ,Machine Vision for ID OD defect detection.
Eddy Current for Material Testing Eddy-current testing is one of many electromagnetic testing methods used in nondestructive ... When the coil approaches a conductive material, currents opposed to the ones in the coil are induced in the material.
Customize Software Solutions Micro Logics generally produce the most efficient system as it is can provide support for the specific needs of the business, which might not be available in an off-the-shelf solution and will provide greater efficiency or better customer service.
Data Acquisition Data Logging Monitoring Reporting and An... Data acquisition is the process of sampling signals that measure real world physical conditions and converting the resulting samples into digital numeric values that can be manipulated by a computer.
Test Rig or Test Systems The test rig is designed for the study of thermodynamics of vapors Compression refrigeration cycle by way of demonstration and experimentation. It has a facility to measure various parameters for experimentation.
Air Leak Testing The measurement principle is based on the variation of pressure, which is proportional to the distance between bore gauge nozzles and part under test.